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Road Trip!

Looking for a workshop in your neck of the woods? 

Looking for anew experience for your Women's Ministry? 

Workshops and retreats  offer participants the profound opportunity to explore God’s Word creatively and experience a fresh approach to Bible reading.

Let us bring our creative workshops to You!

Praise heART does Road Trips!

Contact us for details and pricing!

(Pricing will include a flat fee, lodging, and travel expenses.....

but still surprisingly affordable!)

Everyone is talking about it...coloring in their Bibles and creating visuals through the Word. Did you know anyone can enter into the creative world of Bible Journaling? No experience is necessary as I walk you through tips, techniques, tricks and cheats!


We offer a full day workshop where we teach how to combine creativity, color and Worship within the pages of your Bible!!


I promise you, your walk will never be the same!!  Your women will be on fire in your Women's Ministry! When the right brain joins with the left brain, and we study with creativity...revelation is released.

Fall in love with the Scriptures in 2019  and stick with that reading plan!! 

Contact me to set up a workshop1

Want a broad overview? Click HERE! 

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