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I am so glad I got to spend the day with you!

This is your "Go-To" page for the techniques that we discussed in your workshop!  Please email me with any questions that you have, or something that you cant quite remember...I know I throw a lot of information out in a very short amount of time!

Shopping List:

Head over to the "Favorite Supplies" tab to see the art products I use. 

Note: I, mostly, shop at Amazon - they tend to have the best prices!

Books we looked at: (Click on book to get the link!)

More Creative Lettering

Complete Guide To Bible Journaling

Dollar Tree Goodies:

White Corrector pens (adding highlights and writing with them)


Doilies and Dish mats (flowered mat for bottom of sink) 

Round "grabber" to open jars - makes a great stamp.

Markers- take the insides out and add to rubbing alcohol to make your own spray dies. (use with the doilies)

Cardboard (remover one layer to expose the ribs) or Panera

Bubble wrap

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