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The Silver Palette

What is Silver Palette? 

 What if we were to share in God's creative joy with seniors, through Assisted Living and Nursing Homes? They might require a little more attention, love, encouragement and support, but what joy to help them find the joy in color and creativity again ! 
     My prayer is that these suggestions will remind us that art is a powerful vehicle into the heart.  It is able to express itself more eloquently than words.   We are called to  love His sheep well, no matter the age. 

      What would it look like if we placed color into the loving hands of the Father?  Would that color stake a claim against the darkness with beauty?  Beauty in paints, beauty in relationship, beauty in slowing down and beauty in loving well.  Our focus- to merge, in a beautiful array of colors: the young and the young at heart, and stand in awe of the beauty the unfolds.

"And now in my old age, don't set me aside. Don't abandon me when my strength is failing." Psalm 71:9 

Check back often for free downloadable coloring pages, and video helps to assist you as you assist others.

(click on image for .pdf file)

These coloring pages 

can be resized to fit on tags

and can be used as salt leaks

through salty sidewalks!

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