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Watercolor Shape
Where do I put the coupon code??
Watercolor Shape

Add the printable that you would like to the cart.  


On the lower left hand side there is a very faint field to enter the promo code.

Enter your  coupon code there- and hit ENTER.  The discount should show immediately!

coupon code.PNG

Print At-Home Stickers/Digital Files: 

Disclaimer: I love creating images that I can share with all of you. 
Some things you might not consider: This is my passion, my love, my purpose - but it is also my job and my livelihood.  
Images that take seconds to download take hours to perfect for your consumption.  

Please do not share any pdf file with others.  As the purchaser you can use as often as you like! 

Please, help support the Arts and these original designs by introducing others to this site for their opportunity to purchase my digital products.

Thank you so much for understanding-Lisa/Praise Heart


How to Re-size Scripture Art Printables

Many of these are are larger sized prints, but you should be able to print them smaller for your bible or art journal depending on your printer or browser.

When you open a PDF in your browser,  look for the SCALE button and decrease the size of the images. 

I play with the SCALE on my printer.  Go to setting or properties (even advanced settings in some)  and look for the Scale button.  If I'm not sure how it's going to look, I usually experiment with a few prints on draft mode and print in black and white so I don't waste ink.

**You can resize using your word processor as well - drop the images into a blank page and shrink according to your needs!

**You can also use the freeform Snipping Tool on Windows that acts like a lasso tool.  Want to isolate one image? Snip it with the  "freeform" option on your snipping tool and copy and paste this element into a new document --- you can get each element as bg- or as small - as you want it!!! 

Coloring On Your Printables

If you would like to ad extra pops of color or outlines onto your printables, please remember that the stickers will activate with wet mediums.  

What works great?

  • colored pencils

  • twistables

  • copics or alcohol based markers

  • Micron pens

What will NOT work?

  • watercolors

  • water based markers (sometimes they are ok, do a test to make sure!) 

  • wet mediums

Can You Recommend  a Sticker Brand? 

Notice: During the upcoming months, there will be no shipping of products to ensure everyone's safety! -Lisa 3/22/2020

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