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Psalm 93: He Tames My Storms!


In Psalm 93 we see the Psalmist growing alarmed from the rising waters :

" The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up the roaring of their waves. "

The Psalmist sees the escalation of the circumstances-

First he gives a shout out, "Do you see the river rising Lord?"

Then "Can you hear it Lord? Can you hear the river rising??" The low chatter of the calamity has reached his ears, the adversity speaks to him, crowding out his own thoughts.....

Finally, "Lord - THE WAVES!!! The outer manifestation of the adversity is growing, reaching, splashing. The waves roar in the ear of the afflicted.

When I first read this Psalm I was focused on the waves, the adversity and the calamity that surrounds the Psalmist. I sought Him out and He whispered to my heart, "Don't focus on the rising water, turn your face to the Son and focus on Me. I am mighty and I will tame your storms."

The doodle this week shows the focal point of the Son on top and the taming of the storm on the bottom....the waves? The rising water? Well that is just a thing in the middle that the Lord gets us through!

The Printables show a different aspect of the same message - we get to ride in victory over any adversity. We ride the waves of that which ws meant to destroy us!

Enjoy Psalm 93 this week - I love the visuals that He provided us with!


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