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Proverbs: It begins with the Fear of the Lord

This journey began with an understanding of what "Fear of the Lord" is - a reverence to come before the Holy. A revereance of God that blazes a path to life and security. To bend my knee is to bend my heart and to find life.

The Proverbs will become a "Manual for Living" - a way to everything that is right and just and fair. A way to teach oneself to live a disciplined and successful life.

And it all starts with God.

I have always been struck by Solomon's request: He did not ask for all of the riches the world has to offer or great presitge and fame. He asked for a hearing heart that would hear his people. To get past what we perceive and to "hear" the heart of another. This idea captivated me as we began the Proverbs study and this became my prayer, "Lord grant me a hearing heart, this I pray."

The lion represents the Holy Spirit so close, whispering in my ear, guiding me on the paths of righteousness. His presence is a constant, even when I can't see Him- I can feel His presence on my journey.

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