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Let's Reach For The Stars Together!

Paint parties and workshops are a fun & unique way to gain visibility, generate positive exposure, and make money to further your vision! People have a great time, providing an incredible experience you can be proud of.


Past groups have said it’s the easiest- and most fun- fundraiser they've ever done!


As a stage artist, teacher, speaker, and writer, I recognize the value of fundraising with excellence. I'd love the opportunity to partner with you and your amazing organization!

How Does it Work?

Let's Get Started!

Creating a winning partnership is the key to a successful fundraiser! Each has a pertinent role to play. The expectations and provisions are clearly outlined and a printable version is available below.

Please email completed contract to Lisa Albinus : (memo -fundraiser) .  A Paypal invoice of $25.00 will be issued. This non-refundable deposit will hold your date.

Your reservation is not considered complete until this invoice is paid.

Tips and Tricks for a successful event

Food planning. I recommend not going overboard on food. I've seen many groups create amazing spreads, but remember that this can really cut into your profit margin & workload. Why not try a desserts & coffee buffet (& use a wholesale club for a great deal?) Or how about a nachos and cheese bar? (Velveeta does wonders in a crockpot).


Freebies. I love to do give-a-ways because it generates so much excitement! Think about how your organization can contribute to a few fun door prizes that'll light up social media with rave reviews of your event! They'll want to come back next time!


Consider a "call to action". Book a follow-up fundraiser prior to the day of your paint party so people will know when the next one is. We can offer a special "today only" deal as a wonderful "thank you" for their continued support.


Encourage your guests to be on time.  In order to respect each others time and the graciousness of the facility, we must start on time. We will always end on time.

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