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What Are Digital Stamps?

Digital stamps, or digistamps, are black and white digital images that are downloaded onto a computer where they can be manipulated before printing out.  One of their attractions, however, is the fact that the images can be resized, flipped (create a mirror image) or manipulated in other ways before printing it out and colored in the same way that a rubber stamped image is colored. This gives a stamper a range of new design opportunities.  It is believed that the rubber stamp is going to be obsolete, because digi-stamps offer so much versatility!

Hint: I use my physical stamps as Digi-stamps (stamping on a piece of paper, scanning and then resizing and manipulating to my needs!!

How Are They Used?

Once they have been printed out, digital stamps are used in much the same way as traditional stamps. This means that they can be colored and embellished. The finished images can be cut out and incorporated into handmade cards, gift tags, scrapbooks and a whole wide range of other papercraft projects.

What Do I Need to Use a Digital Stamp?

The process of buying and downloading a digital stamp is relatively simple. You don't need anything special to use a digital stamp. As long as you have access to a computer and a printer you will be fine!  My digital stamps are provided in ZIP files, with instructions how to unzip your file, provided with each purchase.  If you have access to a photo manipulation package then you will be able to do more with your digital stamps. Many word processing applications will also allow you to ​resize your digital stamps. You will also need to know how to download and save a digital stamp.

Coloring Digital Stamped Images

When digi stamps have been printed from a computer they can be colored in the same way as traditional stamped images. There may be issues with the ink running if a wet coloring method is used. It is possible to heat set printer ink using a heat tool to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Pens, pencils, and paints are all suitable for use with printed digital stamps. My recommendation is to try your coloring method on a test before you get started on your project!

Digital Stamps and Copyright

Digital stamps are subject to the same copyright laws as rubber stamps and images.  All of my stamps are intended for personal use only and are not granted any permissions for resale or mass marketing, unless approved by Lisa Albinus, owner and founder of Praise Heart.

Disclaimer: I love creating images that I can share with all of you. 
Some things you might not consider: This is my passion, my love, my purpose - but it is also my job and my livelihood.  
Images that take seconds to download take hours to perfect for your consumption.  

Please do not share any pdf file with others.  As the purchaser you can use as often as you like! 

Please, help support the Arts and these original designs by instructing others to this site for their opportunity to purchase my digital products.

Thank you so much for understanding-Lisa/Praise Heart

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