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A Look Inside The Classroom

 How to use an art journal with children

Take your journals out with you!  You can use them in lots of ways:

:: to sketch your surroundings, or interesting things you see

:: to draw a favourite memory from the day

:: to write down lists: 10 things we saw at the beach…on a walk, in the garden

:: to scribble down idea words and images: how does the forest make you feel?

:: to stick in photographs of things you’ve done and places you’ve been

:: to scrapbook in tickets and maps from your days out

:: to include leaves, pressed flowers and other treasures you collect

:: to use any way you like for lots of drawing and writing!!

Use them when you need a pause under a shady tree on a very hot day, in the car on the way back from a day out, and at home when you’re having a quiet day.

The books are perfect for everyone, from pre-readers who can fill their pages with drawings, to  mamas, who also want to join in  the creative fun!

Playing with Matches


Spotlight Student:


Still Life Study

art sculptures.JPG

Getting the



sculptures ready for class tomorrow!!

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