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Hi!  My name is Lisa Albinus, I am the  founder of Praise Heart. If I met you at an Encouragement Cafe event and got to hug your neck, please drop me a note and let me know!


In creating Praise Heart it is my desire to assist others in searching for their own paths to creativity. In exploring different mediums and different techniques, there is such fun unlocking  the "artist inside" for the Glory of God. I always hear, "I cant do that- I draw stick people", or "I don't have an artistic bone in my body!"


We are all created through a creative wonderful God and we are made in His image- so you were created to be creative!! It's in there! Start saying today, "I can do this, I am creative!!" If you can color you can worship through art, if you can write, you can worship through visual mediums.


Try it - you might just find how wonderful it is to dance within the creative synergy of the Spirit!!

Bible Journal Through The Psalms

Free weekly doodle sheets and how-to videos!

Worshiping through color is a profound way to connect with the Word of God. 

*Worried about coloring in your Bible? Check out my thoughts here. 

*Wondering what supplies you might need? 

Check out my favorites here. 

*Wondering how to get started? Weekly doodle cheat sheets and how-to videos will get you started! Check out our Psalms Study here.

*Want to walk with a community of believers as we ponder the Scriptures together?  Check out our FB community here.

*Want weekly stickers to download? Check them out here.

See you in the Scriptures!! 

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Check out the exciting happenings through the studio! 


Called, "..part painting party and part Bible Study-

you won't leave the same!"    

Host a painting party to raise funds-

for mission trips or ministries,

or to increase fellowship!

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